Build with community.

Create a unique web3-powered workspace for your projects, with workflows, credentials and payments built in. Connect a wallet and do more, together.

Screenshot of Aikido App

A better way to coordinate.

Aikido project boards help you organize work and reward contributors easily.

A customized board for every project

Whether its a new app, a podcast or an NFT project, create a unique (and organized) space - making it easy for anyone to join and contribute.

Subscribe, contribute and get rewarded

We give you tools to manage project subscribers, contributors, and payments - all in one place.

Built on an open protocol

Trustlessly manage payments using an audited smart contract, so you build on-chain reputation for your project and contributors.

Aikido features

Getting started is easy.

Connect the wallet you'll be using for your project, and you're ready to go.

Install a Wallet

You need an Ethereum wallet to log in to Aikido.

Connect Your Wallet
Your wallet is your primary login and source of project funds.
Build Your Project Board
Manage your project and community from your Dashboard!

Of all the tools we tried in this category, Aikido is the one that's best suited to the way teams work in web3.


Tools Working Group Lead @ BanklessDAO

Aikido is a product of Lab0324.